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Convivial will offer a breadth of Champagne styles to represent the richness that the region can offer; ranging from single varietal wines harvested from single vineyards akin to an electrifying Jimi Hendrix solo, to multi-vintage wines from a blend of varietals similar to Led Zeppelin's unending layers of psychedelic symphony. Expect to find wines such as Salon, “Cuvée S” Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Brut 1990 and Laherte Frères “Les 7” Solera, Extra Brut NV, with clearly opposing styles and vinification philosophy yet examples of the delicious diversity that Champagne offers. Beyond Champagne, Convivial celebrates all things bubbles as well; sparkling wines from around the world, some cider and beer too. There will be white, red and sweet wines as well, but each will have its story to tell involving fizz.

In addition to its outstanding beverage offerings, Convivial also presents a carefully curated culinary menu, expertly crafted to complement the featured champagnes and wines.

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